Chris Esemplare

Vicepresident & General Manager – Global Security Services


Top Cybersecurity Challenges of Businesses


Chris Esemplare is Global Vice President and General Manager of IBM Security Services. In this role, Chris directs all aspects of security services including strategy, supply management, sales and marketing, investment planning and execution. Chris works with clients around the world to provide consulting, integration systems, resource management and cloud services, and intelligence for cyber threats.

Chris started working with IBM security services in 2007 with the integration of Internet Security Systems. He led the growth of ISS, transforming the business from a country-based model to a globally based model. Today, IBM Security Services has a broadband service and a large capacity of services in the industry, with some 4,000 professionals in practice and growing. The security area is recognized within IBM as a priority and strategic investment.

Chris has a B.A. of Brown University in Economics and organization of behavior and management. He also completed the year of execution of the IBM Executive Leadership Program at Harvard University in 2001.

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